Cosmetic dentistry restorations

Cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic restorations are prescribed because they are important to your oral health. As well as helping you feel more confident about your smile, they can make a tooth last longer, prevent decay, and much more.

At our dental clinic in Fulham, we offer a range of high-quality, ultra-thin, composite, or porcelain veneers and crowns and highly aesthetic restorations. No matter the treatment we choose the finest quality materials to ensure the treatment lasts a long time.
Before any cosmetic procedure, we will ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and that the cosmetic dentistry procedure you are having is necessary.

Types of treatment:
Veneers, Dental bridges, Bespoke Composite Bonding 


A dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain permanently fixed to the tooth. It depends on your smile, and the health of your gums if this type of cosmetic dentistry is right for you.

It changes the shape, and shade of your teeth. A small amount of your natural teeth is removed to attach the veneer. Patients who may have already had orthodontic treatment, and whitening, and still don’t feel happy about their smile, simply because of their natural teeth, are good candidates for veneers.

At FDC, quality is a priority and we use the best materials available. Veneers can give you the perfect smile very quickly and with the perfect oral hygiene routine at home, and regular visits a porcelain veneer will last up to 15 years

lady smiling with straight teeth


For patients who may have chipped a tooth or have a gap, or an area of discolouration, composite bonding is a great solution. Think of it as sculpting to restore or create a perfect appearance.

Composite bonding is an area of cosmetic dentistry that takes immense skill, and we are proud to offer the best in class when it comes to this treatment. Using only the best materials including high-grade quality porcelain, the results are remarkable.


A crown, also known as a cap, fits snuggly over the abutment , and completely covers the tooth.


Filling a tooth if decay is present can protect against further damage. We offer white fillings, so if it’s visible when you smile, only you know you have got a filling.


Working with a highly awarded laboratory we provide dental bridges. Essentially this is a fixed dental restoration to replace a missing tooth. A false tooth is bonded to existing teeth to offer a complete set of teeth.
Lady smiling after cosmetic dentistry at Fulham Dental Clinic
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