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We are proud to serve the community locally, as well as treat patients from across the UK. Patients travel for treatment at Fulham Dental Clinic where they discover the benefits of our “Confident Smile Clinic” approach. You will can choose from a wide range of specialist clinical treatments on offer and get access to the latest techniques in dentistry.


Justyna Kamecka

Clinical Director, Dental Therapist DipDT(RCSEng) DipDH(RCSEng) 2013 GDC 161308

Dr. Alberto Li Greci

Dentist, Laser Gum Therapy, Periodontal, Disease Treatment DipDent Palermo 2011 GDC 263028
Experienced Dental at Fulham Dental Clinic, Dr Milka Grancharova

Dr Milka Grancharova BDS​


General Dentist with Special Interest in Orthodontics

DDM SOFIA 1988 GDC 198365


At Fulham Dental Clinic, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. And one of our most beloved family members is Dr. Milka Grancharova. With a magic touch in orthodontics and general dentistry, she’s transforming smiles and making dental wishes come true.

Dr. Grancharova’s journey in dentistry is paved with success and smiles. She became a dentist not just because she loves teeth, but because she believes in making every dental visit a positive adventure. Her expertise in straightening smiles and maintaining dental health is unparalleled, making her a true dental wizard.

But why does she love working at Fulham Dental Clinic, you ask? “It’s the magic in the air,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “Here, we don’t just fix teeth; we create joy and spread smiles. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Dr. Grancharova thrives in the clinic’s atmosphere of warmth and kindness, where every patient is treated like royalty.

Patients adore her not only for her skillful hands but also for her heart of gold. She has this unique way of explaining dental procedures with stories and analogies, making everything seem so simple and less daunting. It’s like sitting down for a chat with a friend, where you leave not just with a healthier smile, but also with a lighter heart.

Registered with the General Dental Council (GDC No. 198365), Dr. Grancharova is a beacon of professionalism. What truly fuels her passion for dentistry is the belief that a smile can change the world. And at Fulham Dental Clinic, she’s changing the world, one smile at a time.

So, if you’re dreaming of a straighter smile or seeking a guardian for your dental health, let Dr. Grancharova guide you through your journey. In her hands, your dental adventure is sure to be filled with wonder, laughter, and the most enchanting results


Mrs Ania Nalewajko


Practice Manager, Treatment Coordinator



In the bustling, lively world of Fulham Dental Clinic, there’s a special spark that lights up the place, making everyone feel right at home. That spark? Well, it’s none other than Ania, our Practice Manager and the welcoming face that greets every soul walking through our doors.

Ania believes in magic. Not the kind found in fairy tales, but the real magic of making people feel valued, cared for, and listened to, from the moment they step into our clinic. With a smile as bright as the morning sun and a heart as wide as the sky, Ania turns every visit into a comforting, joyful experience. “Each person’s story is unique, and I’m here to make sure they know just how important they are to us,” she says, weaving her spell of warmth over old friends and new faces alike.

As the maestro of our reception, Ania is much more than a Practice Manager. She’s a guardian of first impressions, a provider of support, and a beacon of help. Patients old and new find in her a confidante and a guide, as she navigates them through their dental journeys with ease and grace. Her desk isn’t just an office; it’s a haven where worries are eased and smiles begin.

But Ania’s love doesn’t stop with our patients. She’s the glue that holds our team together, cherishing her teammates as if they were family. 

Step into our clinic, and you’ll feel it too—the enchantment that Ania weaves, making every visit not just a dental appointment, but an experience filled with care, understanding, and the joy of being truly valued. Welcome to Fulham Dental Clinic, where Ania and our team are eager to make you smile, not just with our dental expertise, but with the heart and soul we pour into every moment.

Dr Krzysztof Chlodny

Dr Krzysztof Chlodny BDS

BDS Lek Dent - Wroclaw

General Dentist with Special Interest in Endodontics


Recognised across the UK for his exceptional skill in endodontics, Dr. Krzysztof Chlodny has earned a reputation as the dentist who saves teeth that others might deem beyond repair.

Specialising in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics, with a profound passion for endodontics, Dr. Chlodny brings to our clinic a commitment to preserving natural smiles. His expertise lies not just in treating the surface but in delving deep to the root of dental issues, ensuring the longevity and health of each tooth he saves. This dedication to conservation over extraction has transformed countless smiles, reinforcing our belief in the power of expert care.

Dr. Chlodny’s patients often speak of his warm and approachable nature, emphasising how his reassurance and clear explanations transform their dental journey. He is valued not only for his technical skills but for his ability to put patients at ease, guiding them through their options with compassion and understanding. It’s this patient-centric approach, combined with his unmatched skill in endodontics, that sets Dr. Chlodny apart.

“Every tooth saved is a victory,” Dr. Chlodny often says, reflecting his belief in the importance of preserving one’s natural smile. His work goes beyond mere treatment; it’s about restoring confidence, functionality, and well-being. Dr. Chlodny’s tireless dedication to saving teeth has not only earned him recognition as one of the UK’s leading dentists in endodontics but has also made him a cherished hero among his patients.

Join us and experience the exceptional care of Dr. Krzysztof Chlodny, where your smile is guarded with the utmost dedication and expertise. With him, your dental health is not just treated; it’s cherished and preserved for a lifetime.

FULHAM-DENTAL-CLINIC-Experienced Oral Surgeon Dr Lorenzo Bonifaci

Dr Lorenzo Bonifazi BDS MSc PhD


MSc in Oral, Implant and Bone Reconstructive Surgery



Dr. Lorenzo Bonifazi stands as a pillar of dental excellence. As our resident Oral Surgeon and Implantologist, with a career that spans the globe, Dr. Bonifazi brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and an artist’s precision right into the heart of Fulham Dental Clinic.

What Dr. Bonifazi cherishes most about his role at Fulham Dental Clinic is the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives. It’s this passion for transformative care that drives him, ensuring that each patient’s experience is tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

Dr. Bonifazi’s expertise is not confined to the operating room. He is a maestro of patient care, blending warmth, empathy, and professionalism to put even the most anxious patients at ease. His approach is holistic, considering not just the immediate treatment but the long-term health and well-being of his patients.

As a leader in oral surgery and implantology, Dr. Bonifazi is also a respected Teaching Tutor in the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences at the University of Bologna. This position reflects his commitment not just to practicing dentistry at the highest level, but also to passing on his knowledge to the next generation of dental professionals.

Patients and colleagues alike are inspired by Dr. Bonifazi’s dedication and skill. 

Step into Fulham Dental Clinic and discover the difference that Dr. Lorenzo Bonifazi and our team can make in your life. Here, under the expert care of our Oral Surgeon and Implantologist, you’ll find not just a solution to your dental needs, but a partner in your journey to a brighter, more confident smile.

FULHAM-DENTAL-CLINIC-Experienced Dentist in Fulham Chelsea Kensington Dental Hygienist

Mr Miki Wojciechowski


Dental Nurse, Oral Surgery Nurse, Implant Nurse



Not just an exceptional dental nurse, but a cornerstone of the practice, Miki embodies experience, warmth, and unparalleled professionalism. His meticulous attention to cleanliness and order in the clinic isn’t just about protocol; it’s his way of caring for every patient and team member, ensuring a safe, serene, and welcoming environment for all.

While Miki’s eyes are set on the noble pursuit of becoming a dentist, his heart is fully dedicated to his role as Justyna’s right hand and the leader of the nursing team. He leads by example, demonstrating not just how tasks should be done, but how they should be done with compassion, precision, and a smile that can light up the room. 

Miki is a mentor, a guide, and a friend to the entire team, and his dream of becoming a dentist is shared by everyone at the clinic, who support him wholeheartedly, knowing that his success will be a triumph not just for him but for the entire community he serves.

Join us at Fulham Dental Clinic, where Miki and the rest of our exceptional team are waiting to welcome you with open arms and bright smiles. Experience dental care that goes beyond treatment, in a place where every patient is treated like family, and every visit is a step towards a brighter, healthier smile. Because here, under the watchful eye and gentle hands of Miki, you’re not just in good hands; you’re in the best hands.

FULHAM-DENTAL-CLINIC-Experienced Dentist in Fulham Chelsea Kensington Dental Hygienist

Mrs Marta Ethemi

Dental Nurse

Dental Nurse



In the bustling corridors of Fulham Dental Clinic, where expertise and empathy blend seamlessly, Marta brings not just skill and knowledge to her role but a depth of compassion that touches the hearts of all who meet her.

Marta’s journey in dentistry is driven by a genuine love for patient care. With a reassuring presence, she ensures that each patient’s experience is comfortable, calm, and above all, caring. 

But what truly sets Marta apart is her unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of those she cares for. Whether it’s providing a comforting word during a procedure or sharing a smile that lightens the room, Marta’s actions reflect her deep-rooted belief in the power of kindness and the impact of a caring approach.


Step into our clinic and feel the difference our team makes. With our dental nurses by your side, you can relax knowing you’re in the hands of a professional who cares deeply about your comfort and well-being. Welcome to Fulham Dental Clinic, where we look forward to caring for your smile with the utmost dedication and warmth.

FULHAM-DENTAL-CLINIC-Experienced Dentist in Fulham Chelsea Kensington Dental Hygienist

Anna Zajac


Dental Receptionist, Cosmetologist, Dental Hygienist



Step into Fulham Dental Clinic, and you’ll be greeted by a whirlwind of energy, a beacon of positivity, and the source of endless cheer – Anna, our receptionist. With a smile that lights up the room and laughter that echoes warmth, Anna isn’t just the first face you see; she’s the beginning of an extraordinary dental experience.

Anna has a gift, a kind of magic you might say, for finding solutions where none seem to exist. Her energy is the clinic’s heartbeat, pulsating through our day with liveliness and joy. Anna doesn’t just manage appointments and greet our patients; she creates an atmosphere that feels like home. Her ability to listen, empathise, and uplift is unparalleled, making every interaction a positive and memorable experience. 

Join us at the Fulham Dental Clinic and discover the difference that a warm welcome can make to your dental experience. With Anna’s radiant presence and unwavering cheer, you’re guaranteed to leave with a brighter smile and a lighter heart.

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