We provide two types of dental hygienist appointments leaving your teeth feeling and looking sparkly clean.


We remove plaque, tartar, and stains, using the EMS Airflow device and Guided Biofilm Therapy, a state-of-the-art technology.

This procedure is non-invasive. The device uses air to remove biofilm on the teeth and gums, which cause decay and gum disease. With a disclosing agent, we highlight the areas that need attention.

The first session is 60 minutes, recommended for new patients. For returning patients who may require more of a maintenance appointment, the session is 45 minutes.

You will receive an analysis – looking at both your gum and plaque scores – both indicators that you are in good oral health. You will receive a treatment plan, which will determine the number of sessions recommended per year.

Your appointment will make a visible difference to your smile, leaving your teeth brighter and your mouth squeaky-clean. 


For patients who have periodontal disease also known as gum disease, we offer a comprehensive Periodontal Clean, using a microscope.

Pathogens, that can’t be viewed by the human eye, are removed and prevented from recolonizing, which in turn reduces the risks of other diseases located elsewhere in the body.

As Fulham Dental Clinic is the only practice in the UK to offer this combined treatment our patients come from all over the UK. 

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To book an appointment you can contact the clinic or book an appointment online. Our friendly team in the clinic are always delighted to hear from new patients. No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to Fulham Dental Clinic.