Justyna Kamecka

Meet Justyna Kamecka

DipDT(RCSEng),DipDH(RCSEng) 2013, GDC 161308

Meet Justyna Kamecka dental therapist, founder of Fulham Dental Clinic, the Confident Smile Clinic, and practice principal.

With over 20 years in clinical care, Justyna is creating a revolution in dentistry, with the UK’s first hygiene led practice run by a dental therapist.

Justyna Kamecka leads a team of highly experienced and dedicated dental clinicians at her practice in the heart of Fulham.

Justyna’s passion for hygiene-led therapy, her commitment to research and learning, together with her unwavering belief that everyone with the right care and support can have a healthy smile, meant she had to launch her innovative clinic.

At Fulham Dental Clinic hygiene therapy is front and centre with access to the best clinical treatments in one practice.

Justyna’s professional approach, and expertise attracts the best clinicians there is, offering patients everything from general dentistry, implants, Invisalign and more.

Proud to offer the most innovative systems and protocols for the treatment of gum disease and hygiene therapy, including Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and guided laser therapy under the microscope.

Justyna qualified as a dental therapist from world- renowned Eastman Dental Institute, Institute of Excellence. 

One of only nine dental therapists in UK selected to complete their postgraduate qualifications with the highly esteemed Oxford University.

She has spent over 20 years in clinical practice, in both hospital dentistry and private practice.

With such impeccable training and passion Jusytna went on to treat patients in some of London’s most prestigious practices in Knightsbridge and Kensington, before launching her own private dental company.

Justyna is the only dental therapist in the UK to hold a certification to treat and support dental phobic patients. Justyna’s kind approach means nervous patients overcome their fears and are able to have treatment. Justyna’s renowned approach means children who are scared of the dentist, are happy to come in for check-ups after seeing Justyna.

Dental Phobia Certified

Justyna is proud to be Dental Phobia Certified. All our dental care professionals are trained in managing patients’ anxiety about dental treatment. Our friendly, caring receptionists will welcome you and make you feel at ease.