Nervous patient? Relax! We Have Got You Covered

The team at The Confident Smile Clinic is highly experienced and compassionate with nervous patients.

We understand how going to a dental clinic can be daunting, especially if you are a nervous patient. All the staff at Fulham Dental Clinic are trained to support patients who may be nervous. Being dental phobic is a common concern and something we are skilled in dealing with.

Founder and practice principal, Justyna is the only Dental Phobic Certified Dental Therapist in the UK. She has been trained to not only understand and empathise with patients who may feel anxious but is also able to put in place systems that can alleviate their worries.

We welcome children to our clinic and show them that same compassion. We are very happy to have families come to visit the clinic before their appointment, just to familiarise themselves, removing the fear factor. Feeling calm in the clinic will set them up for good oral care in adulthood.

Give our team a call if you would like to discuss the best time for your appointment if you want to visit us and how we can make your visits as comfortable as possible. 

Dental Phobia Certified

Justyna is proud to be Dental Phobia Certified. All our dental care professionals are trained in managing patients’ anxiety about dental treatment. Our friendly, caring receptionists will welcome you and make you feel at ease.

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To book an appointment you can contact the clinic or book an appointment online. Our friendly team in the clinic are always delighted to hear from new patients. No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to Fulham Dental Clinic.