Becoming a new patient at FDC, THE CONFIDENT SMILE CLINIC, is easy.

Call on 0203 985 7577, send us an email or if you prefer you can direct message the clinic on our social media channels.

We also welcome patients in the local area who want to drop in and see us to do so. We understand some patients like to see the clinic before they book – if this is you, please watch out for our regular open days. If you want to know when the next one is please contact us.

Our friendly team in the clinic is always delighted to hear from new patients.

No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to the clinic.

Past habits and challenges remain in the past and we celebrate you for choosing to care about your smile now. Because now is what matters. We are here for the first step and every step you take on your oral health journey.

What To Expect at Your First Visit

When you arrive you will be welcomed to the clinic by one of the reception team who will check you in, confirming your details and appointment.

We will ask you to complete a patient form sharing information about your health. If your first language is polish or Italian, please let our team know and you can complete the form in your preferred language.

You will then be invited to take a seat in our friendly and relaxing waiting area.

We offer refreshments, and have a water cooler for you to either fill your own receptacle or use a glass.

Bathroom facilities are available, please ask a member of the team to direct you.
All patients will have a check-up with a dentist.

This will take an hour, this includes:
• Oral hygiene assessment
• Dental check-up
• Hygienist appointment
• Dental x-rays (if required) 

contact our team or book online


To book an appointment you can contact the clinic or book an appointment online. Our friendly team in the clinic are always delighted to hear from new patients. No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to Fulham Dental Clinic.