Orthodontists at Fulham Dental Clinic

Orthodontic treatment offers straighter teeth and reduces crowding by changing the position of the teeth using different types of braces. Teeth that are aligned mean they are easier to reach and clean, which prevents decay and improves your oral health. The fact your teeth will look beautiful is a happy by-product.

Orthodontists are specialist dentists that provide orthodontic treatment. There are different types of braces and aligners available. We will prescribe the correct system for you. No two smiles are the same.

For some patients, Invisalign® invisible braces or clear aligners are the right choices. Invisalign® is the most advanced and researched system in the world, proven to offer effective results. 

Lady holding Invisalign braces

Invisalign® Platinum Elite Status Provider.

FDC is proud to be an Invisalign® Platinum Elite Status Provider.

For other patients, fixed braces in different formats may be more suitable. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you at your first appointment with us.
While you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, we recommend regular hygiene appointments, at our dental clinic in Fulham, to ensure whilst your teeth are realigning your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. Cleaning teeth at home with a fixed brace can be challenging, and plaque may be more difficult to remove. 

THE CONFIDENT SMILE CLINIC™ Orthodontics Consultation

At your first consultation at Fulham Dental clinic, we will get to know you and your smile. Following this, an examination and x-rays will be taken. Once we have the full picture your treatment plan will be discussed. We understand orthodontic treatment can be both a time and financial commitment, so we discuss all options with you when it comes to your preferred timeframe and financing the treatment.

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To book an appointment you can contact the clinic or book an appointment online. Our friendly team in the clinic are always delighted to hear from new patients. No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to Fulham Dental Clinic.