periodontal laser therapy being carried out at Fulham Dental Clinic
Fulham Dental Clinic offers a revolutionary non-invasive laser-guided periodontal treatment under a microscope, clinically proven to manage gum disease.

Fulham Dental Clinic offers a revolutionary non-invasive laser-guided periodontal treatment under a microscope, clinically proven to manage gum disease.

The combined use of a microscope, biomolecular diagnostics, and guided laser therapy for periodontal disease can prevent the progression of periodontitis, remodel bone and prevent tooth loss.

Periodontal disease, known as the sleeping giant, can go unnoticed, until symptoms appear. These symptoms indicate that the body has an infection and must be treated.

There are four stages of periodontal disease. The early stage, known as gingivitis is reversable and can be managed with care and attention. Seeing your dental healthcare team regularly, together with a good oral hygiene regime at home along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. Find out more about dental hygiene therapy

Depending on the stage of gum disease patients may need a periodontal clean or they may need a course of laser guided periodontal therapy performed under the microscope.

The use of a microscope allows the team of dentists and dental therapists to work with more precision and see in greater detail than possible with the naked eye. They use an innovative laser to decontaminate the areas of infected tissue above and below the gum line, and in doing so prevent them from returning.

Patients will need to visit the clinic at least once a year to have a check-up, after their treatment.

All research shows that without maintenance, also known as supportive periodontal therapy (SPT), you have a much higher chance of relapse.

Despite your best efforts with oral hygiene, there is always a risk of relapse of the condition. Remember, gum disease is not usually painful, so you are unlikely to notice this yourself. 

SPT allows for early detection and treatment, thereby helping maintain teeth for as long as possible and avoid the need for repeat treatments.


Gum disease, periodontal disease, affects 90% of the population in the UK and is a major cause of tooth loss.  It is an inflammatory condition caused by bad bacteria, pathogens, that thrive in our mouths. They don’t need air, oxygen, to survive so they happily live and multiply below the gum line. We can neither see or feel this happening.

Periodontal disease is associated with inflammatory conditions in the rest of the body. Heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight, kidney disease and more. Improving your oral health will impact your overall wellbeing.


Spotting the signs of periodontal disease is important, the sooner you get help the better it is for your teeth, gums and overall health. It also means you can take action and control of the condition. No matter the stage or symptoms the clinical team at Fulham Dental Clinic welcome all patients. If gum disease progresses and becomes advanced-periodontitis, it unfortunately can’t be reversed but using laser-guided gum disease therapy under the microscope we can prevent the condition from worsening.  The treatment, promotes the regeneration of healthy tissue and ultimately remodelling of the bone, which can prevent tooth loss



  1. Clinical examination under the microscope, visually seeing the extent of the condition on the gums and teeth
  2. Microbiological and Genetic analyses – swabs are taken, sent immediately to a leading laboratory for analysis, looking at the presence of bacteria and genetic risk factors
  3. The results of both stages are reviewed by clinicians to confirm the stage of periodontal disease. This will determine both the number and length of guided laser therapy sessions required.


  • The laser has been specially designed for dental professionals and is not like lasers used in aesthetics
  • The laser decontaminates and sanitises the infected area without the need for surgery
  • Because of the way the laser works it even aids healing

This laser is used because of the precision it offers, it can reach the bacteria that hide deep down underneath the tooth, in periodontal pockets. No other treatment can get to the bacteria. The laser zaps the bacteria in a part of the tooth which antibiotics or deep scaling and cleaning cannot reach.

  • As well as being effective, the laser is fast and painless. There’s no need for an anaesthetic or stiches, which means there is no bleeding or discomfort that can happen with traditional surgery.
  • The laser attacks the bacteria. Once the bacteria are no longer active, periodontal ligaments start to close and the periodontal tissues regenerate, preventing teeth from feeling like they are moving and loose.
  • The laser literally stops the periodontal bacteria in their tracks, and the regeneration of healthy periodontal tissue begins
  • For patients who may need a root canal, we recommend a periodontal clean

The number of sessions can vary from patient to patient depending on the stage of the infection, the number of sessions will be discussed with you when your treatment plan is created.

Patients are invited to watch a film whilst having the treatment or escape with their favourite play list or podcast.


This break-through-treatment brings patients from across the UK. 

Patients can be referred by their dentists from anywhere in the UK to see our specially trained team to manage their periodontal disease.

Many patients book treatment directly without any referral, they may have been told by their dentist they have periodontal disease and they make contact directly. 

Our team are always delighted to help and can support your questions, so feel free to get in touch to discuss the treatment or to make a booking.

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To book an appointment you can contact the clinic or book an appointment online. Our friendly team in the clinic are always delighted to hear from new patients. No matter your dental history or oral health we welcome you to Fulham Dental Clinic.